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It's about balance. The balance of our physical and mental focal points, of how we eat, think, move, and of the earth and its resources, and thus the balance of how we live.

We moved to Sunshine Lake in the fall of 2018, in our pursuit of meaningful everyday life, with time and contemplation. Because we want to live consciously and with our hearts at the forefront. We found our place from which we experiment daily, develop, try and learn new things, and not at least spend a great deal of our day outside. Because we truly believe in the synergy that comes from spending time in beautiful scenery.

We run a small farm and the visions are high, we want to create more life. More life in the earth and more life between people. The farm and agriculture provide the framework for various events and experiences, we would like to inspire and show what paths can also be taken in the pursuit of creating the balance.

We believe that a short path from soil to table in relation to food production is the way forward.

The cultivation and care of the soils at Rø Jordbrug is based on the biological processes. We will contribute to the reconstruction of the diversity and diversity of nature. To get there, our purpose is therefore regenerative and circular solutions in day-to-day operations. And although these solutions are often slow, we will be able to see both ourselves, the animals and the earth in our eyes. And it requires thoughtful processes that sharply target a sustainable, rich and continuously improving ecosystem.

Our place here is a project in constant development.

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“Rø Jordbrug has received Organic Area Grants to redevelop and operate the farm's agricultural land organically. The purpose of the grant is to increase the ecological area in Denmark and thereby achieve a number of benefits for the environment and biodiversity. The subsidy has meant that the farm has been able to maintain organic farming production on the farm's agricultural land and sell organically produced food. "

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