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Form of production

The seeds themselves contain all the nutrients they need to grow. The only thing we add in the process from seed to plant is therefore water and light. We adapt to optimal air temperature, humidity and light conditions.

The production of microgreens can be adjusted on a short basis due to the short growth period of between 10 days to 3 weeks, depending on the type of microgreens. We can therefore deliver fresh microgreens to order. To preserve freshness, they are delivered the same day they are harvested. If you buy micro-green from Rø Jordbrug, the local production with a short distance from farm to fork is the focal point.


What is micro green?

Microgreens are small edible plants that are harvested already when the very first set of leaves has sprouted. Although the plants are small, they are full of both taste and nutrition. Studies from the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis and the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry have shown that microgreens contain significantly greater amounts of vitamins and minerals per 100 g of fresh plant than the plant in full-grown version.

In addition to the great nutritional value content, the small plants also have a strong and intense taste. Some are strong, others have a nutty taste, some are milder and others are sour, for example. Common is that they taste of a lot and that they have the same taste profile as the adult plant.


If you are looking for a raw material that can do almost everything, then micro-green is a good offer. They are larger than sprouts, but smaller than baby greens. And with their beautiful colors, they can therefore give any serving a nice and exciting finish, or they can serve as an independent ingredient in a salad or eg a smoothie.


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