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Guide til dit glamping ophold

Dear Guests, we look forward to welcoming you.

Here is a guide to your stay with us. It can hopefully help make your experience exactly as it should be. If you do not find your answers here or elsewhere on the website, we will of course be happy to hear from you at

There is arrival from kl. 1500, unless otherwise agreed. Let us know when you will arrive, so we can be ready to welcome you, when you arrive and show you the way to your tent. Departure takes place no later than 12.


When you arrive at the address Vassebækvej 3, 3760 Gudhjem, a parking sign will show you where you can park, regardless of whether you come by car or bicycle. We welcome you, and show you the facilities and arrange the last details for your time with us. In the tent there are lovely good beds, bed linen and linen, as well as towels and blankets. There are also headlamps and lamps charged via solar cells. There is a tiny tiny fridge, large soft floor cushions and analog games. And the outdoor kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare your delicious dinner, as well as wash up in the old way with hot water from a pot over the fire. Please make sure that there is no leftover food on either the tables or the ground before you crawl to bed in the good beds, for the sake of e.g. the small animals in the forest that do not tolerate our food.


Remember to put out both cozy bonfires and kitchen bonfires if you leave the site.


Remember to close your eyes once in a while and breathe down into your stomach.


And Smoking is prohibited in the tent, and because we love our forest and nature, you will of course pick up your shutters after you if you smoke on the land register.


There are many stars in the sky in the summer on Bornholm, so is it cloudless while you are here, so remember to count at least 100 stars - slowly.


We would like to take extra good care of our forest and nature, so we have selected some environmentally friendly versions of various insect repellent remedies, please do not use insecticides.


But on the other hand, feel free to use our beautiful delicious cold water (!) outdoor shower.


Please take care of our things - we love them. If something breaks anyway, please let us know.


But the most important thing is that you enjoy your stay in the beautiful nature.


When you end your stay, make sure that the campfires are extinguished and that the tent is closed. Both the entrance and the windows.

You must also make sure that all kitchen equipment and dishes are washed off, and blankets and pillows must be placed in the tent.

Feel free to write a little greeting in the guestbook if you like :) We hope you have a completely unique and wonderful experience, so you can take a memory for life with you home.

If you want to share your experience with others, you are very welcome to tag us with #Roejordbrug #glampingbornholm


By booking with us, you accept our terms.


ENJOY your stay at Rø Jordbrug - Glamping.

Yours sincerely

The family behind it all, Jakob, Line, Gerda, Frode and Eigil

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