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About us

Presence, patience and the meaningful

I am a trained business development engineer, have a fierce love for wood and self-taught smallfarms farming enthusiast. My wife is a trained sports physiologist, falls on her tail over edible wild plants and is unconditionally in love with all movement. Our three children live with us, free and lovely.


At the beginning of 2018, we sold our house on Zealand, and quit our jobs. In search of the meaningful life, we traveled around and visited organic farms in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. With passionate and talented people around us, we learned about long-term agriculture, and we learned, about necessity, presence and patience in both the human relationships and the relationship to the nature around us.

We found the place for the meaningful on Bornholm. Room for daily closeness and togetherness for the whole family. And room for the establishment of a farm with value-based production.

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