Our hens have had an excellent lovely life on the grassland here with us. A free life where they have helped us kickstart the regeneration of the earth. As part of the holistic way we run our business, all animals here with us fulfill several purposes.

So the next step for the chickens is to bring local meat to the locals. Where you are sure that the animals have had a good time and where they do not have to be transported before they are to be slaughtered. In our view, it makes very good sense when the food we eat has traveled transport meters, and not many many transport kilometers.

The chickens are a little over a year and a half old and full of flavor. They are handed out slaughtered and picked, and with organs in. You can buy that we help you from the sidelines to remove the organs when you pick up your hen. We have tables, knives and equipment for that part when you arrive.

The pick up time is between the hours. 14-16 on the day in question you choose below, and if you need help with organ removal, you should expect about 10-20 min per hen.