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We wish you the very best experience for your time here with us. In order to meet this goal, we ask you to read these terms and conditions before you book your stay with us.

Contact: Rø Jordbrug and Glamping Vassebækvej 3 3760 Gudhjem


Booking and payment: The person booking must be over 18 years old. You book by filling out the form on the website, and you pay by credit card with the booking. A confirmation email will then be received, and upon receipt of this email, the booking is confirmed. VAT is included in all prices.


Prices: The prices on the website are not binding. We reserve the right to change prices. The price which is informed at the time of booking is valid.

Cancellation: A stay can not be canceled, but can be rebooked to another available time in the same or next season. Rebooking can be made up to 14 days before the start of the stay.


Festivities: Glamping with us is relaxed and quiet, loud parties must therefore not take place on our site. Then you can not hear the nature around you :). However, we are absolutely sure that your stay will feel like a party in itself.


Pet: It is not allowed to bring pets with us. For the sake of the wild nature and to the animals on the farm.


Behavior and guidelines: Of course, we expect respectful behavior towards both animals and humans and nature while you are staying with us. You are very welcome to move around in our field, but you may not pick or remove fruits, nuts or vegetables unless otherwise agreed. Our animals are happy and sociable, and we really want to show how they on the farm contribute to rebuilding a fertile soil layer for the benefit of the future (read more here about the way we run the farm). Feel free to look at them, but do not go into their enclosure unless you have one of us with you. And there is power in their enclosures ... for friendly information :).


Responsibilities and risks: Your stay with us takes place in nature and with nature. All traffic on our land register and on the glamping site takes place at your own risk. We do our utmost to protect you while you are with us, but accidents can always occur and we are not held responsible for such accidents. We keep a close and continuous eye on everything on the site, but if you discover that any equipment is defective or cause for concern, please contact us as soon as possible by text message on tel: 28142036.

We have spent a long time making the whole site exactly as we think it should be, and finding all the things that create the right magical atmosphere. We expect you to take good care of it. If the site is left in disrepair or things break down, we have the right to claim compensation.


We assume no responsibility for theft, loss or damage incurred during or as a result of your stay at Rø Jordbrug - Glamping.


Force majeure: In case of force majeure, the reservation will not be refunded, but a rebooking will be offered.


Bonfire and fire: There are campfire facilities on the site, and you are responsible for having a sensible behavior around the campfire. In case of strong wind or drought it may be necessary not to light a fire. You must always follow the guidelines that come from Rø Jordbrug - Glamping around this.


Working farm: The Glamping site is located as part of a working farm. There are also adjoining fields from other farms. There may therefore at times be larger or less noisy machines at work "around" the site.

Complaints: If something does not work or lives up to your expectations, please let us know by email, as soon as possible. Hopefully we can talk together and solve the problems on-site right away.



We only collect personal data in cases where this should be relevant to us, and we will only collect personal data if it is relevant to your activity at Rø Jordbrug. When collecting, processing and using your personal data, we always comply with all relevant and applicable legal provisions. We will only store your personal data as long as we are either subject to a legal obligation to do so, or as long as it is relevant to the purpose for which it was collected.

Information we collect: If you wish to purchase and receive a product or service from us, we need to collect certain personal data in order to complete the transaction and to be able to offer you our services. Among other things, we use cookies to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart while you use our webshop. We can obtain information such as name, email address, postal address, delivery address (if it varies from postal address), telephone number and payment information. Rø Jordbrug collects and processes your personal data when you do the following: - Visit our website - Completes a purchase of our products - Sends us questions, complaints or feedback.

The data controller: The person responsable for the collection, processing and use of your personal information on www.rø is Jakob Alsted, Vassebækvej 3.


Basis of treatment and purpose: We collect your general contact information such as name and address in order to deliver the product or service that you have purchased from us. We will collect your e-mail address in order to send you an order confirmation and a delivery confirmation. When you pay for your product or service, we collect your name, card data and IP address. The information collected in connection with the payment transaction is used and stored only for payment settlement and fulfillment of the agreement entered into. Upon completion of payments, some of your data will be passed on to Stribe, including information necessary to complete or support the payment, such as the total purchase amount and billing information. If you do not wish to provide the personal data required to complete a purchase of a product, you will unfortunately not be able to purchase products from us on our website. Your information (except your email address if you have consented to its processing for the purpose of receiving offers) will be deleted 2 years and 6 months after you have received your item or service.

Other recipients of personal data:

We do not sell your personal data to third parties and we do not transfer your personal data to third countries. We have our website at and payment system through Stribe, which acts as our data processor. All personal data that you provide on our website will be stored in's data centers. We use external companies as suppliers to deliver our services in the best possible way. These external suppliers are data processors and in some cases process personal data in connection with their provision of services to us. Our data processors only process personal data in accordance with our instructions and in accordance with the legal requirements for data processors. We have entered into data processor agreements with our data processors, which is ours and your guarantee that they comply with the applicable rules on the protection of your personal data.


Your rights: As the registered person, you have a number of rights, which we must ensure fulfillment at all times. You have the right to request us the following: • To access and have your personal data changed • To have personal data deleted In addition, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and you have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority. If you no longer wish us to process your personal data, or that we limit the processing of your personal data, you can also send us a request to

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