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Row Agriculture

With the establishment of Rø Jordbrug we want to create a small company that is rooted in diversity. Small business legs must provide our customers with a relatively wide selection of local quality products. In addition, we believe that diversity creates robustness. In continuation of this, we also want to make a positive contribution to Bornholm's sustainability strategy, and create more food locally on the island, so that transport is reduced, security of supply is increased and quality is improved.

Our mission with Rø Jordbrug is to create a life for our family where there is time and space. Where the days are meaningful, both individually and in a larger perspective. With a pragmatic approach we will try to understand the soil and its nature, to improve the conditions of the microflora of the earth and build the humus layer and life therein. We want to be a local food producer who has a regenerative aim for both the nature around us and the local community.

In our continuous focus on knowing and learning more, we are inspired by various international players:

At Bornholm there are also several people who think some of the same thoughts as us, among them:

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På Bornholm findes der ligeledes flere som tænker nogle af de samme tanker som os, her iblandt:


Rø Jordbrug is primarily run by Jakob Alsted, but with good daily support by Line, Gerda, Frode and Eigil


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